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Goodnight, Tonight

Anonymous 01
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"don't think of this as a story,"
  she says,
"think of this as a chapter."

Yeah, Sweetheart, the last chapter, I can only go like this for so long, a couple hundred pages at most, but the story starts to start again, and I already know the ending. You're lying in bed and I'm on the couch, and there's nothing but the noise outside, and you can't say a word. It's bedtime, now, and I won't think of this as a story, tonight, but it is the end of the book, and it's the next to last page of the chapter.

           The story just recycles itself when I keep on reading with the same characters in the same places and we're just reading our scripts. Tonight -- these pipes through the walls, they always sound like rain, and the guitars in the stereo, they always sound like goodnight, my love, goodnight, and the fingers in my hair, your fingers, your fuel and to me, I just want to write, tonight, I want to write, goodnight.

           Yeah, Baby, it's the last chapter of our book and we'll return it tomorrow morning, dust cover in tact, virgin spine never broken, like no one's ever read this one, like no one knows how it ends. and it's the last couple paragraphs. I'm quickly through the last page, and you're lying in bed, and I'm on the couch, and the trucks are outside, and we're in here, and you're in bed, and I'm right here, and I already read this page.

           O.K., Darling, it's nighttime now and time for bed, and I won't think of this as a story, but it's over tonight, and tomorrow the next one begins, and I have a pen, and someone has some paper, and we'll meet up in a bar some night when I've got a napkin and her, a mascara pencil. And tonight, this paragraph, on the shelf with the others, next to some room for later, for later.

           So, the page is just a sentence from done, and then I'll close it up, put it away, get in bed, say, sleep well, watch your eyes close, listen to the music, and fall asleep. so goodnight, tonight, and tomorrow, goodbye.

© 2001 Anonymous 01, all rights reserved
 appears here by permission

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