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Some material at this site is quite adult in theme and language

Essay Title Author (date added)

1760 Jim "Weisskid" Weiss (added March 22, 2000)

All in the Name of Justice Wayne James (added August 4, 1998)

The Bazaar Side of Catholicism Robert F. Walsh (added September 22, 2002)

Everlasting Love Jennifer Stanley (added June 20, 2000)

Eyes Nimesh (added June 20, 2000)

The Giant Cornish Pasty of Death Thomas Snow (added December 23, 2002)

Gold Rings Timothy C. Furgeson (added March 8, 2005)

Goodnight, Tonight anonymous 01 (added March 21, 2001)

Green Tortoise Timothy C. Furgeson (added March 8, 2005)

(an homage to Allen Ginsberg's
epic of the same title)
Anthea Jay Kamalnath (added September 30, 2001)

I Married a Beautiful
and Sexy Woman
David Watkins (added March 21, 2001)

Image Ian Taylor (added September 30, 2001)

The Knowing In Me:
the artist becomes himself
K.L.Storer (first appeared From K.L.'s Desk,
November 10, 2003 as
"When a Hiatus Isn't a Hiatus")

Letter to Lydia (Words, Words...) David Bradley (added December 23, 2002)

Living to Lose Jeff Norris (added September 30, 2001)

Living With Spina Bifida Robert M. Hensel (added December 24, 2001)

The Maharishi of Telegraph Avenue Anthea Jay Kamalnath (added March 21, 2001)

Moving On Kimberley Cocklan (added September 24, 2003)

My Night Without Armour Carly-Jay Metcalfe (added October 15, 2004)

No Regrets David N. Evans (added June 23, 2001)

No Smoking Please Laurie Delaney (added March 8, 2005)

A Piece of My Heart P. Michael Albert II (added September 24, 2003)

Polite Ghosts John Hammink (added September 24, 2003)

Queue Protocol Ieuan Dolby (added March 24, 2003)

Separation Dingbat (added September 22, 2002)

The Storm Jim Fowler (added March 24, 2003)

The $10.00 Princess William Connors (added June 21, 2003)

Tippy Kathy Eastwood (added June 23, 2001)

View from Outside the Storm Bill Schwan (added March 20, 2002)

Vision Quest Eric Gardiner (added August 4, 1998)

Walking Through the Fire Rebbell Watts (added March 20, 2002)

Who's feeling no pain? lena (added June 21, 2003)

A Year (September 11, 2002) J.C. Haynes (added December 23, 2002)


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