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A Petition for a Partner and Incantation for the Light

Anne Jamie

I can not describe to you
the hell that I went through
in apartment number two.

I saw the devil laugh at me
and run out of my room.

I could not escape the darkness
that hovered over me.
I knew no joy, only agony.

                                          Lord, I pray to thee, shield me from the fiend, who
                                               would torment me and shatter my spirit with neglect
                                               in pursuit of his own selfish needs.

                                          Protect me from the thief who would rob my heart of
                                               its purity in his intent for overindulgence and excess

                                          Oh Lord, I beg of thee, hear my plea for an honorable
                                               King, who will bless my home with truth, love, and

      Forevermore, keep the darkness away from my door.

© 1997 Anne Jamie, all rights reserved
 appears here by permission

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