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Poems by Simone "Sam Sherman" Foerster



You should not expect anything
From life.
'Cause life is just a line of unfortunate misunderstandings
And another line of not worth mentioning lucky moments.
A book with empty pages
But I'm not writing it!
For all books are written yet and all songs are sung.
This world of exhaustion we're living in
Looks back to the movements of earlier society
So do I.
I write to find the new
The new that doesn't want to be found
The new that hides somewhere.
But what can be new after Beckett and Bukowski?
Nothing? You should not expect anything?
But to write is more important for me than love these days!
And what can I expect
As a non-practicing Jew
Who never will be accepted as that by the Jews after my own definition?
Nothing. You should not expect anything.


Self Experience

I can send you into depressing mood
I am the one you can laugh with
I am the one who lies in a side position on the floor
With my head resting on the edge of the bed
Staring at a picture without thinking.
I am the one who can laugh about herself
While other people call me strange

Well, they are right.

I am the one who took cheek pulls once
To take care of my lungs
I am the one who thinks about things
Nobody seems to be interested in
I am the one who sees the world as a place full of diseases and hope
I can see the great tit on the electric cables
Of the streetcars
Or the cyclamen behind the windows
Of an old man
No one knows.
I am the one who likes to take the blame
Nobody wants or is able to take
My Dad thinks
I'm an orphan with some hidden like-minded

Well, he's right.

I know Ginsberg, Stevens, Berryman, Eliot
as well as Pound, Ashbery, Brecht and Kafka.
I am the one who can be passionately committed
as well as completely unimpressed
My religion amounts to passionate distance
My guitar plays my life
But not too deep secrets.
I am the one you have to observe precisely
I don't approach you
You have to come to me.


Self Experience 2

Life is real
And too soon you'll get used to it
Sitting between talkative faces
Perceiving every detail
Swallow it down
Knowing that they don't know me.
They think I'm still a child
I know it better.

What do I actually need?
A cup of tea and a good talk
Someone to laugh with
Appreciate the loneliness
That helps me to find the pure "I"
To go deep under the surface.

I can stand everything better
Than my own pride and egoism
Don't want to stumble over it anymore
It's not worth it.

And if my soul is gone
People should not unconditionally
Remember my name
I want to be remembered
As for something transitory.

Hear my blood rushing in my ears.

About the Author (click here) Poems © 1999 Simone Foerster, all rights reserved
 appear here by permission

Author Notes


           We all will drown in the "Nothing new" society. Everything's repeating somehow. So what to expect after Beckett? But actually I'm not that pessimistic at all. There exist new styles that want to be found. The question is : How to look for it? Look at America's settlement:"Old styles" mixed together to a "new style" (New nation).

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