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Poetry from John Hammink



Near the Station

Out on the green asphalt highway the trespasser rides
On a silver skateboard.

..into the unfettered calamity of modern commerce.
Without a question or doubt, his head turns
over the shoulder,
and looks backward into that contradiction of dawn.

A wretched metropolis of mazes.
Vying not what the others think, not even for a minute.

He haunts the back alleys on the border of the town,
near the station
Both his voice and the sound of his wheels are meaningless scraping tones: a chalkboard, one for
the quietest audiences.

He is his own poet, audience and critic, rolled into one with the best things left to sprite.
Without the best ones, he rides
with the best ones. He cannot wait for the prime moment, and so,
goes it alone.





About the Author (click here) "In Your Hand," "Near the Station," and "Tiles" © 2003 John Hammink
"Rust" and "Ink" © 1992 John Hammink
"On some crap left behind in a room " © 1990 John Hammink
all rights reserved, appear here by permission.

Other publications of some of this work:

"Tiles": www.johnhammink.com
"Rust": December Poems (Self-Published) and www.poetry.com
"Ink": December Poems (Self-Published)

Author Notes

           I like complete thoughts; I prefer singular ideas and impressions. As a result, my poetry and prose is short.

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