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The Slippers' Revolution

Martanoemí Noriega

"We are objects humiliated by society," said the chairman of the USA (United Slippers Association) at a meeting held on Friday, June 20, the International Day Against Ill- treatment of Slippers.

           As stated at the meeting, the slippers of Panama City are planning a Slippers Revolution and, according to investigations, this is going to surpass the French Revolution.

           Surely, the Slippers' Revolution will give way to the Slipper s Age, and you will be asking yourselves: What are the slippers complaining about?

           The slippers have written a letter of complaint to the President of the Republic, but it is so long that we prefer not to publish same. Instead, we have interviewed Slippy Perre, one of the leaders of the association.

           "We, the slippers, have been stepped on all the time, but this is not important since we were created for this task. But, human beings, be considerate, please powder your feet since, after you have used us, we remain with such odors that not even we can resist."

           Afterwards, she said in tears, "We are used to promote violence when everyone knows how super, hyper and peaceful we are. Dogs have declared war against us because we, the slippers, are being used to hurt them. Have you missed the scene of a dog owner throwing a slipper at his pet? Of course not; and if otherwise, it's because you don t have a dog."

           The slippers' statements really shocked us. One of the things that moved us most was that their families are cruelly separated. If you wonder what we mean by this, have you ever had a pair of slippers and one is lost? How cruel, the partners being separated!

           We also have the painful case of the hermit slippers, those abandoned under the bed and chair for weeks and months, most of the time alone, without the other slipper. And when found, it happens that the dog has killed its companion and the slipper that remains alive has to live completely miserable without company, or dies in a garbage can and is replaced by a new pair. And don't forget those that die drown under the rain. What a life of suffering! And what do you say of those that go on a family picnic to the beach and are forgotten on the sand, or are taken away by the tide and are found many months after by a father who is teaching his son to fish.

           Slippers are used as weapons to kill and crush poor, helpless insects who remain encrusted, sealed and stamped to the sole. What a way of finishing with a life!

           It is unjust to say that the dog is man's best friend. Reconsider: who is waiting for you when you reach home, one beside the other with a smile the sole waiting to ease your tired feet? The slippers!

           We ask the Panamanian citizens to back the noble cause of these suffering and discriminated members of society.

About the Author (click here) © 1999 Martanoemí Noriega, all rights reserved
 appears here by permission

Author Notes

           I am a girl that once lost her slippers and got an idea! It's one of the common things that happens in this little head. One of the strange situations that take place up here.

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