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Author Notes

           I suppose I'm not alone in feeling rather confused about this whole "Axis of Evil" thing that is currently swamping every news broadcast in the Free World.While I'd rather step in something unpleasant than say anything in favour of a piece of work like Saddam Hussein, I can't be alone in wondering why he was tolerated for twelve years after the Gulf War, only to be catapulted into the limelight as the number one hate figure, and a huge threat to my personal safety (although no political leader is able to explain to me why, or show me any proof). I was pondering ways of turning my puzzlement into a story when some of the words in this piece occurred to me, and I contented myself with what I hope is a satire in verse on the way our leaders insist on keeping us in the dark while insisting that they respect our intelligence. (Having written which, let me assert my gratitude that I live in a society where expression of such opinions is permissible -- unlike millions of miserable Iraqis).

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