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Spirit Fish

M.E. Stucky

Cold and dark, flowing and comfortable, aware and silent, were the waters of my world. I am Little Fish and I have seen the bright open. I am one from the people of the stones by the salt reeds. We are many and we share all things and are unlike those who do not. I am now alone and for this moment I am lifted above all for the good of all.

           This then is my story. I have lived among my kind for twelve cycles of the darkened waters. Everything lives to be filled and everything fills another thing. In this we are no different. But my people are a calm folk; it is within us to follow the hatches and to know the times by these and other things.

           First knowledge tells one where are the waters of home. Ours and mine are clearer than the deep and warmer than the swift. We live to find the hatches and we fill our beings on these many beings of the flow.

           They sleep as unborn, still clinging to the grasses and to the stones but when they are able, they loose their hold and swim among the currents of the world. It is then that we might find them and they are good to the soul and a right fullness may be known from their gathering.

           The light! Such a brightening! I see all waters and they are one. I see the stone of the world's edge where it stands against the waters of the world! I am ascended and I have vision of all things!

           There is a sound like a fastness flowing over my flesh. I can not breath the heavy comfort of my home and there is a harshness in my throat. I see them there; beneath me they swim. Old fish, is that you? You are so small! I have feared your size, but I see you now small. You swim beneath me and I am above you and all the people of the stones of the salt reeds.

           Little fish! All of my people are little fish! I want to see it. I want to look at the Spirit Fish! It has come for me. I, who am among the least of my people, I have been chosen and none can argue that I have not been found worthy!

           I have kept the ways of my people and have sang all the songs of the old ways. In the swift waters, I have not strayed and in the calm waters I have been still. All who ever knew me, know these things of me. I have been one of many and have not taken to myself, my own way.

           This is why the great Spirit Fish has chosen me, I who am small, from among the fair and the fat. I have been made to rise above to the waters, to be carried beyond the waters of the world! High, farther and faster than the sharp tooth and over the stone of the worlds edge am I now taken to be made a being of the light!

           I see, I see it now! It is the one. Its head is fierce and its color white! Such power! Power to lift us high and to sweep the whole of the world beneath us as easily as one fans the silt from the bed's pebbles.

           It is not of the world. Its skin is not wetted. Its fins are broad. They are dark and broad and they move with a sound of whispers that makes my heart cry for its embrace. It is Spirit Fish, the catcher of my people and I am now one of its children!

           My heart aches for my flesh is weak in this moment, in the moment of my magnification. I must be worthy to ride under the Spirit of my people to the waters beyond the waters. I must not faint. I must hold to the vision of the Spirit Fish and then shall I find my way to the bright opens and the far beyonds.

           Coolness is in the rushing of its power. We are one in this path! I am become a new thing. My people will speak my name as a prayer. I am one in the end, with the ancients and I am spirit of the spirits of my people.

           In the time when little fish awake they will hear my name as one of those caught away to the waters beyond and they will long to be as I am made, whole and completed in my beings spirit.

           We are turning to greater things. I see far and beyond even this is, is Another World! I see another world of waters! Beneath us there are other fish moving among other stones and other grasses are swaying in other currents. I have seen all things and now I am ready to make the last swim of my way.

           Take me with you Spirit Fish! Take me to the home of my people long since caught away! I am ready to rise to the farthest beyond. I am willing to know the last reaches of this magnificent light. I am Little Fish and this is my vision.

           Stay in the ways of the people. Hold to the ancient songs of the world and when the water is calm be as it is and know that you will rise. I will return. As my people have before me, I will come again.

           I am become Spirit Fish!

About the Author (click here) © 2002 M.E. Stucky, all rights reserved
 appears here by permission

Author Notes

           I had an idea one day while driving a train along the Snake River in eastern Washington state. I watched an osprey lift yet another small fish into an absolutely gorgeous, summer's evening sky and I wondered what the fish might be thinking, if indeed fish can do so. Eventually, I sat down and put my simple thoughts into brief words and as I did, I realized that to describe an osprey would leave many readers confused so Spirit Fish became a bald eagle.

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