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                The One

                Sougato Sarkar

                I speak of a nameless one
                who walks in my dreams,
                I think of an unknown stranger
                who light up my thoughts,
                A dark dream in a place so far,
                A sight through frosted glass,
                You are but the One who
                belongs to this timeless world.

                You are the one who looked
                at me without a face,
                Yet did I feel the compassion,
                the love that was there?
                O nameless, faceless one,
                was it you who made me human?
                A dark image at one corner of limitless space,
                was it you who gave me comfort?

                I reached you in my imagination,
                Through the bylanes and minutes of my dreams.
                I talked to you through my heart
                for my eyes saw but a darkness,
                the comfort of shadow,
                a feeling of joy and emotion
                that was unknown before,
                All in a time unknown and a place forgotten.

About the Author (click here) © 1998 Sougato Sarkar, all rights reserved
 appears here by permission

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