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Time Along the Way

D.L. Zimmerman

Time is just about the only thing that keeps you moving on by itself with no effort.

           On the other hand, any single moment can land you in a place forever.

           I'm standing outside an old gray door looking for a cab back to the hotel. It's the end of the afternoon and it's been raining all day. Been up here working for three days now and haven't seen the sun once.

           Pretty soon, I'm inside some old club sitting next to a naked lady at the bar.

bw57.gif -- illustration for 'Time Along the Way'            Only thing I see are her tits and the tab.

           She's Irish/German, has two kids, wants to go to college, and is looking for a way to break into the uptown market.

           I tell her I have no idea why I'm here and almost all my money is gone.

           Her song comes on and she's back at work up on the stage.

           Our eyes spread into each other and she is only dancing for me.

           Tender lovers touching the same sweet rose together at the same time.

           She finishes with nothing but hazy purple light on her body then moves off quickly behind the curtain with a single motion as the next girl begins.

           I don't want to leave.

           But she's already busy talking to someone else now and I'm looking forward to walking home in the rain.

           So it's time.

About the Author (click here) © 1999 D.L. Zimmerman, all rights reserved
  appears here by permission

The illustration was created by and is © D.L. Zimmerman. Find this and more of his images at Elements of Life: Original Digital Art, www.angelfire.com/ns/dlzimm/

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