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Walking Through the Fire

Rebbell Watts

On the evening of December 8, 2001, family and friends of Tenkiller Harbor gathered at Richard and Billie Miller's house to feast and celebrate the coming holiday. Children's laughter and Santa's "Ho! Ho! Ho!" contributed to the many flashes of camera's capturing the moment. However, even with the cheerful radiance of peace so inviting, unknown devastation lurked in the silence of the early evening hour. Mike and Nina Wing returned home only to find their house engulfed in flames. The only thing left was the clothes on their backs and an empty hole in their hearts.

           I stood and watched my friend's house burn to the ground. I felt as though a part of my life was burning up as well. I thought of the pictures of their children, at young ages, grandchildren, and their first wedding pictures hanging on the wall. I wept for this family because everything they owned now lay in a pile of ashes beneath the rubble. Yet, while weeping sadly for the Wing's material losses I am so thankful the fire had reached such a height that nobody was able to enter the house. The loss could have been much greater.

           I marvel at Mike and Nina's loyalty, strength, and determination. They are both thankful that everyone in their family is without physical harm. They worked hard to turn what once stood as a shack into a beautiful home, but now, instead of the endless labor to fix someone else's headaches, they will rebuild a home brand new. The rebirth of this family is yet to come. Today is their wedding anniversary and ahead of them is a new dawning and their love for one another everlasting.

           When I think I am having a bad day I think about my friend's, Mike and Nina Wing. They will concur this great mountain placed before them and will stand stronger than they once stood. All of our dreams can become reality, but sometimes we must walk through the fire of hell to see the direction of our path. I pray God blesses this family in great abundance and replaces what the enemy has stolen one hundred fold.

© 2001 Rebbell Watts, all rights reserved
 appears here by permission

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