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                          Whatever....I Don't Care

                          Rob Sayre

                          1. Thrust into the bowl of truth yet smacked with reality debt.
                          I am blinded with loneliness but surrounded by love.
                          Dreams plagued with heroin nights stalk my mind.

                          2. Drugs taunt me with mesmerizing sweat dreams.
                          Left with nowhere to turn I use habit for my key.
                          As I thrust into the loneliness trial, I use this key.
                          Still, going nowhere only leads me to myself.
                          I devour this mirror that tries to narc the inner me.
                          This broken past before me temporarily drowns the now.
                          Love is my only weapon against this horrid creature.
                          Is no answer the only answer? The future awaits
                          my knowledge of the present.

                          3. I can't wait anymore. Starving emotion overcomes.
                          The scars are in front, hiding the fears.
                          Truth is inevitable yet always blurred.
                          I need the purity of drug. The escape that all hides behind.
                          Far from the real, quitting the untrue expressions.
                          To much talking is needed but expression is the end.
                          Maybe the end could be the perfect start.

© 1997 Rob Sayre, all rights reserved
 appears here by permission

Author Notes

           This poem has to do with my current life. I don't really care if it makes me famous or makes people want to hear more from me. I wrote it for me and now, for you. It is actually three poems with the same meaning. I always hate the first and continue to another.

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